G4DB: a database of G-quadruplex determined by sequencing technology

Examples :  nonB_1032448,   nonB_1039015,   nonB_1032629,   chr17:51053394:51564413,   CDK6,   EGFR,   BRAF

Motivation of G4DB

Among the 15 G4 related databases published, more have been published in the past two years. In addition, these databases are mostly single DNA G4 or RNA G4 databases, and there are also databases containing both DNA G4 and RNA G4. In addition, there are databases for identifying G4 structure by algorithm and experimental methods. However, databases derived from experimental data mostly describe G4 binding protein, RNA binding protein, advanced structure of G4 and G4 structural ligand, rather than focus on coordinates and sequences. Moreover, there is no DNA G4 database identified by sequencing and other experimental methods alone. Therefore, at the whole-genome level determined by sequencing technology, the development of a comprehensive database of nonclassical nucleic acid structures including G4 and rG4, and the provision of G4-related gene functions, mutation characteristics, G4-binding proteins and the correlation with epigenetic factors can help understand how these structures are characterized and how they contribute to related biological processes and diseases, And provide more detailed and comprehensive annotation for the genome characteristics of various species.

Workflow of G4DB

workflow picture